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Celebrate Your Independence Now!

As we embark upon another Independence Day Weekend we want to encourage you to Celebrate your Independence Now! Before you pull out the grill and add the meats and the side dishes, and set up the Red White and Blue.... SET your mind on Jesus who came, bled, died and ROSE just for YOU! THAT family is the sure foundation of your TRUE LIBERTY! For the WORD says: Whom the SON sets FREE is FREE INDEED! And it reminds us that NOW that we have been set FREE, be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage! No longer slaves to sin SAINTS, we are SLAVES UNTO JESUS CHRIST, YESHUA the Messiah! In HIM, and HIM in us, is far greater than any enemy against us! The Battle has been won!

We thank God for the Soldiers who founght for freedom here in America and we honor their sacrifices, with respect, all the while pointing THEM back to the AUTHOR OF INDEPENDENCE: JESUS CHRIST! He said: IT IS FINISHED!

Whatever you have been facing, whatever lies the enemy has been feeding you, whatever circumstances have you confused and in conflict-YOU ARE FREE! Isaiah 10:27 says: "It shall come to pass in that day that thy burden shall be lifted from off thine shoulders, and the yoke from off your neck, and the yoke shall be DESTROYED because of the ANOINTING! Christ is greater in you than he that is in the world, as the Anointed One and IN YOU in the HOPE OF GLORY! TODAY IS YOKE DESTROYING GET FREE, SET FREE AND STAY FREE DAY! Glory To God!

Shake off those shackles and Praise Your God! No matter what you think...YOU HAVE BEEN SET FREE! When Lazurus was raised from the dead... he came out bound in grave clothes.... He was set free, but still bound until Jesus spoke. John 11: 30-44. God is speaking to you right now, you have risen in HIM, seated in Heavenly Places, shake off those grave clothes and align your mind and your life with God's Word. He loved you TO DEATH! Now honor Him with your LIFE!

Thank you Father that we can CELEBRATE OUR INDEPENDENCE NOW!!!


God, wrapped Himself in flesh, came in the form of Jesus,bled,died,and rose for your salvation while you were YET (still) sinning. He Loved and Loves you that much!

That "thing" that almost caused you to lose your mind- it DID NOT WORK..Look at you... you are STRONGER NOW!

People counted you as dead,the same God who made you, RAISED YOU UP!

You, who the doctors said would never be born, you now have children who "weren't supposed to make it either," and here you all are together doing fine.

The storm came, but it bypassed your home.

The folks that stepped OVER you to get to a position...God got you OVER them! Look at you now!

God removed some contaminates you were connected to so that your calling would be clean!

They rejected you, but GOD was PROTECTING YOU!

Had you STAYED with "them" you may not be rejoicing with us today!

You made poor decisions that God delivered you from!

In greed, gossip, gluttony and grumbling GOD STILL granted you GRACE!

After all the lies now the TRUTH has come out to deliver you from deception!

God removed every crutch so He could bring the right people to bear up your arms in battle--And SHOUT with you in SINCERITY!

They said you weren't qualified and THEN GOD CALLED you with HIS QUALIFICATIONS!

God blocked it before you even knew it was coming or existed! You just "heard" the reports AFTER the news!

You almost lost your footing but you DID NOT lose your FAITH!

Praise God that you spent so long being LAST-the rest of your days you're in FIRST position now! Turn around and move forward!

God healed you BEFORE you got Hooked!

You're STILL BREATHING! Complain no more-start praying for folks whose praise has been shut up way too long!

God shows you HE is on the THRONE & He can do as He pleases with those who claim authority. The King's heart has been turned in your favor!

You lost some loved ones-but you're still here for a reason.... Mourn no still have work to do for God!

God opened some doors and gave you uncommon access to something you only dreamed about.

Your gift just made room for you..... The "men" are just waiting for you to show up! YOU Got A Right To Praise because your're in the last step of THIS prep!

Heaven is your home and yet God has given you a roof over your head right here on Earth.

You have clean water.

You have "OPTIONS" on what to wear, which vehicle to drive and what you plan on eating.

You have a church home where you are free to gather and fellowship, worshiping Jesus without getting killed.

Yokes were destroyed YESTERDAY...that is why you are two-steps lighter today!

That gang, that crowd, those so-called helpful friends,sought your very life,GOD SNATCHED YOU OUT OF THE FIRE and gave you another chance!

All your Turmoil is now your TESTIMONY! That's how you overcome with the Blood of the Lamb!

WHEN YOU LIVE IN WORSHIP- PRAISE IS EASY. Never mind what people say, this is between you and God- the enemy has had your praise on lock-down too long. EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS TO PRAISE YOUR GOD!


If you were able to read this, or have someone read it to you... you can still receive the Word of God- Yes, We ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO PRAISE OUR GOD! HE ALONE IS WORTHY.